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What is the risk using MagicJack?

They can go out of business at a moments notice and you will loose the service and the money that you invested in it. I have been using it for 6 months and I have saved enough money that it has paid for itself. I wouldn't buy the multiple year packages that they are offering at this time.

The business side of MagicJack, as best as I can tell, comes from the subscription plans as well as interconnect fees paid to MagicJack’s CLEC partner company

Replacement of MagicJack devices may be provided if the product is defective or MagicJack believe that your issue is the result of a product malfunction. Only a Live Agent can authorize a replacement. It is impossible to find out what the replacement period is.

Once the replacement has been issued, you will receive an email with an RMA number and return information for the original MagicJack.

You must return your RMA email or RMA Bar Code form you receive from us.
You must return your equipment within 14 days after you receive an RMA. 
You are responsible for any charges for international calls.

How can they offer the service so cheap?

They sell your personal data to advertising companies, they track where you go on the internet and offer/sell that data to advertising companies. To protect my personal information I have installed a second computer and put the MagicJack on the computer that I never use. This is a older computer that I was going to throw away so It cost me nothing to use it. SEE Additional costs and setup.

MagicJack vs Skype?

I believe MagicJack is the more cost affective choice for local and casual long distance calling. SKYPE wins for scheduled FREE computer to computer calling as it also includes video.For more on the maze of pricing that is offered by Skype go to

Here is a list of some of the differences between our MagicJack service and Skype.

MagicJack is an easy-to-use portable device that allows you to use a traditional telephone handset to make and receive calls.

If you want to use a traditional type hand set with Skype, it will cost you around $200. The phone can be used even if you computer is off but you no longer have the video chat option.

Skype is a software program and accessories must be purchased separately.

MagicJack software runs automatically.

Skype software must be installed on your computer.

MagicJack utilizes a dedicated telephone network and provides reasonable call quality.

Skype uses a peer-to-peer network. Meaning that two computers must be running to get free calls

MagicJack is $19.95 a year for calls to anyone in the U.S. and Canada

Skype charges over 2 cents a minute to the US or Canada or a monthly fee for a calling plan to the US or Canada. ONLY Skype-to-Skype calls are free, and this includes the video calls. Which can be all that the average person needs if scheduling call is not an issue.

magicjack provides a free telephone number.

Skype charges up to $72.00 a year for a telephone number

magicjack provides free voicemail.
Skype charges up to $24.00 a year for voicemail.


What are the requirements to use MagicJack

1) Hardware

magicJack requires one of the following Internet connections:

High-Speed Internet
Cable Internet

A minimum bandwidth UPLOAD speed of 128 kb/s is required.

You may test your bandwidth speed at or


a) MagicJack does not work over dial-up or satellite Internet.

b) If MagicJack does not work, please make sure that ports 5060 and 5070 UDP on ALL firewalls and your router, if
you have one. (Router ports can be opened via the web application applicable to your router).

2) Computer type/Operating system

MagicJack supports the most popular operating systems in the world:

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Intel-Based Apple Mac

How to setup MagicJack

I recommend that you use a wireless phone system that has several hand sets with separate charging stations.Connect the base station to the magicJack which is plugged directly into a self powered USB hub.

Installing your magicJack

1. Plug your magicJack into any Windows XP, Vista, or Intel based Mac
2. Plug any phone into your magicJack
3. Register your magicJack by following the steps below
A. Wait for the screen below to appear (MAC users need to click Start
MagicJack). Once the screen is up, enter your email and password and
click next
B. If you want to use the email you used while ordering your magicJack,
select “Add a new number to my existing account for this new jack” and
click next
C. Enter your address for 911 purposes and click next
D. Select your State/Province, Area code, and Prefix. Make sure to check the
box to elect outgoing service and click next ( ...make sure you get the area code you want! )
E. Read the Terms of Service (TOS) and check to the box to agree to these
and click next
F. Confirm your information and click activate, If any of the information is
incorrect, you can use the back button to make adjustments.
G. Your magicJack softPhone should appear within a few seconds

More complicated installations can be done uing the existing home/business wiring.

MagicJack was not designed to be hardwired throughout your home. However, a magicJack user can successfully set up a wired installation.

In order to set up your wiring so that magicJack can feed and ring your phones plugged into the wall phone outlets please do the following:

Locate the telecommunications or phone box where your landline comes into your home. In a house this box is usually located on the outside of the house or in the basement. In an apartment it can be located in a closet, laundry room, or storage room; you may require the approval of the building or apartment owner.
You disconnect the line coming in from the phone company and then connect a phone cord from where the phone company line was connected and then plug the other end of the phone cord into the back of your magicJack.

This will diconnect your landline from ringing the wall Jacks. If you want them both to work you will have to buy a splitter

Please be aware that you will have to purchase an AC Powered USB Hub to plug the magicJack into to provide enough power to feed all the phones connected to the wall jacks throughout your apartment or house.

HELPFUL HINT: I recommend that you use newer telephones; older phones require more power to ring. Also, the USB port on your computer or the AC powered USB Hub may not provide enough power to ring the phones if they are older models.

NOTE: I and magicJack does not take responsibility for this type of installation

Why can't I receive calls on my magicJack? I can see it come up on my call log as an unanswered call, but my phone doesn't ring.

If your telephone does not ring:

Make sure the ringer on your telephone is in the ON position
Make sure that the ringer volume is in the proper position
Make sure that your phone REN (Ringer Equivalency marked on the back of the phone) is .7b or smaller

If that does not work:

Try a different telephone

If that does not work:

Click on the menu of your magicJack computer display and make sure that the "Do Not Disturb" is NOT checked.

NOTE: Make sure your phone cord (connecting the base unit with the magicJack) is not longer than six feet.

Does my computer have to be on to make and receive calls?

YES. Your computer must be on and you must have an active Internet connection to be able to place and receive calls.

Voicemail and Call Forwarding WILL work if your computer is off or your magicJack is unplugged. If the computer is off OR if you do not have an active Internet connection OR if the magicJack is unplugged from your computer...your magicJack voicemail will receive the call.
If you enabled the magicJack Call Forwarding feature, you can have your magicJack number forward to an alternative mobile, home or business number.

NOTE: You may not forward to an International telephone number without prepaid minutes in your account.

If my friends and family call me, are they charged for a long distance call?

If they are marketing a Long distance call, that is calling out of their local are YES they are subject to calling charges from their telephone service provider. Any charges applied to a person calling you is dependent on their individual calling plan and their current carrier. Typically, many people have an unlimited calling plan for both local and long distance calls, but if they don't then they maybe charged.

What calls are free using the magicJack?

magicJack allows you to call almost anywhere in the world.

Call from your magicJack from any country to the U.S. and Canada and the call is free.

What this means is that you must set up the magicJack unit in the U.S. and then take it to another country. Placing the call from country to country requires that he latency time be low or the call will be half duplex ( only one person can talk at at time ). Also be aware that some internet service provides may block this service.

Call from a magicJack to a magicJack in any country and the call is free.

Call from the U.S. or Canada to the U.S. or Canada and the call is free.

Call from your magicJack to another country, other than the U.S. or Canada, and you must prepay for international minutes.

Can I move my magicJack between different computers?

YES. magicJack is a portable device and may be used on multiple computers.

magicJack may be used on any Windows XP, Windows Vista or Intel-based MACs. You will not have to register your magicJack again. Simply plug your magicJack into the new computer and wait for the software to appear and you will be able to make and receive calls within moments. Only one magicJack may be used on a computer at a time.

magicJack is ideal for traveling.

Can I install several MagicJack on the same computer?

YES. You can install as many magicJack as you like on the same computer BUT you can only use one magicJack at a time on any given computer.

Are there any additional costs to use MagicJack?

1) The power to your computer, 24/7
2) The power to the usb HUB, This is recommended as than it is possible for the computer to go to sleep
3) New phone system that is compatible with MagicJack
4) Loss of privacy

A basic install will cost the 39.95 plus 19.99 for usb Hub and 19.99 for a new low REN wireless phone for a total of 79.93 plus tax.

Go to the Link below to find area codes that are presently available

Can anyone that has access to my MagicJack run up any fees that I won’t be aware of?

NO Calls to any number that would require the addition of any charges to your phone bill, such as 900 or 976 numbers or any other "fee per call" type service are not permitted through magicJack.

International calling to countries other than Canada is available by purchasing International pre-paid minutes.

How can I use my answering machine with magicJack?

You may use a third-party answering machine with magicJack.

NOTE: magicJack voicemail is set to 4 (four) rings by default. The ring count may not be changed at this time.

To use your own answering machine with your magicJack:

Change the settings on your answering machine to pick up after 3 rings... before the magicJack voicemail picks up.

Please refer to your answering machine's user manual for additional details.

Free voicemail is included in your magicJack purchase.

You may access your voicemail by telephone and through your email.

To Set-Up Your Voicemail:

Install and register your magicJack

From your telephone plugged into your magicJack, dial your new ten-digit magicJack telephone number
Click the "VMAIL" button on your softphone (the phone displayed on your computer screen).

3. When you hear an automated voice message, press the * (star) key.
4. When prompted, dial the default password 1234 on your telephone or softphone.
5. To change your password and set-up your personalized voice greetings, press the "0" (zero) key.

NOTE: Make sure you change your password to ensure your privacy
To Access Your Voicemail by Telephone or Softphone:
Dial your ten-digit magicJack telephone number from any telephone, including the telephone connected to your magicJack
Click the "VMAIL" button on your softphone (the phone displayed on your computer screen).
2. When you hear an automated voice message, press the * (star) key.
3. When prompted, dial or input your personal password on your telephone or softphone to access your voicemail and make any changes.
To Access Your Voicemail by Email:
magicjack will send a notification email every time a new voicemail message arrives and will attach the actual message to the email as a .wav file.
Play back the voice message through your PC without even accessing your voicemail system. You will need to click on the .wav attachement
Forward the voice message to anyone else via email.
Save the voice message to your hard drive.
Most of the popular media player formats are supported.
NOTE: Make sure that your voicemails being delivered to your email account are not being sent to your SPAM file. You can unblock the magicJack email address in your email system; AOL, Outlook, Eudora, gmail, etc.

Can I change my phone number?

Presently, the first number change is free, additional number changes will cost $10 per change and Click