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Abortion, The Bottom Line


The first fact that I want to point out that the termination procedure isn’t physically pleasant. 

I have heard from women that got abortions the following: 

 “I don't want to terminate”

“Every life is sacred”

“… every life matters to god”

“Abortion is murder.” and doctors affirm that fact by saying “true, it’s a life"

 But I never heard them say that they want to keep the baby.

The Bottom Line 

Because of a philosophy there are exceptions to rules. 

While, in general, people say its murder and they are, in general, not for murder. Except, for unborn children. Yes, with their exceptions to rules. This exception is caused by the line drawing. Which lives do we get to kill and which lives get to keep alive? Where this line is drawn is the thing about the abortion debate, it is that we can quibble over trimesters, but ultimately, there's a nice clean line: Called Birth, which no one can argue.

Morally there isn't allot of difference of when life starts, But practically, huge