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Can Twitter be used as a TOOL not just by "Twit's"

This social stuff may have a place in business as a tool, but the tool must be applied properly and used properly. I have yet to see this happen in a manner that didn't create a waste of time. The reasons that this caused a waste of time is the flaws interface, the web site, the display and a keyboard. and the amount of unneeded data that must be consumed to see pertinent data  While the access speed is now almost on non-variable, the display size and people skills are. It  requires that the people has fast access, adequate display ( be able to read  message efficiently ) and can type. I have found that most peoplein business  can't touch type and forcing them to use these services to get information creates a HUGH waste of time.

All that being said, I am in the middle of conversion with a printing company and have suggested that they implement a twitter type system between all the printing machines and the office / graphics / maintenance. This would allow  people to be aware of time to complete jobs changes, possible additional materials needed and maintenance issues that can be addressed in a non-real time manner BUT need to be addressed and not forgotten ( if it is not written, is was not said ). This is possible now because almost all modern printing equipment have a computer as the control station and that can use that for communication in a noisy and larger manufacturing area  multi-building), where phones and personal are limited   .